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Life List: 2013 Update


1.             Buy my first house, all by myself.

2.             Eat a pineapple that I grew.

3.             Build a deck on my house, and host a fabulous party on it.

4.             Completely Restore and Remodel an old house

5.             Have a tour of my house featured on Offbeat Home

6.             Grow a really fabulous garden.

7.             Take bubble baths regularly

8.             Own custom painted Furniture


9.               Visit Europe via Riverboat

10.               See Rome

11.               Touch Bernini’s baldacchino

12.               Hike in New Zealand

13.               Take a tropical resort vacation

14.               Go to Vegas

15.               Visit Graceland

16.               Shop on Rodeo Drive

17.               See the Hollywood Sign

18.               Stick my toes in the Pacific Ocean

19.               See the building where my Grandfather fought at Pearl Harbor

20.               Go to Paris (and like it this time)

21.               Spend New Year’s Eve in a different country every year

22.               Travel somewhere amazing alone, just once

23.               Take more walks.

24.               Go to Dragon*Con

25.               Go to Space Camp with a group of my adult girlfriends

26.               Go up on the Vomit Comet

27.               Go for a ride in the TARDIS


28.               Take the Ertés to Antiques Roadshow

29.               See my name in movie credits

30.               Win an Emmy

31.               Give an acceptance speech

32.               Win a costume contest wearing a costume I made.

33.               Host a regularly scheduled dinner party for friends.

34.               Find/buy a Fireking Jadite Ball pitcher at a yard sale/thrift store

35.               Shop the world’s longest yard sale.

36.               Win money on a Game a Show

37.               Hold a hummingbird in my hand

38.               Take an aerial silks class



39.               Serve Thanksgiving dinner at a homeless shelter

40.               Become an animal foster

41.               Make a substantial donation to a charity I love

42.               Donate a Birthday to Charity:Water

Work & Finance

43.               Be debt free.

44.               Find a place of financial comfort and security

45.               Start my own (successful) business that allows me to work from home.

46.               Earn my PMP (Project Manager Professional) certification

47.               Host a TV show



48.               Learn at least three classic cocktails that I like, can make myself, and can order at any bar.

49.               Learn how to cobble shoes

50.               Learn Spanish

51.               Then, Italian

52.               Understand String Theory

53.               Finally learn to drive a manual transmission

54.               Take a Photoshop class

55.               Hula Hoop multiple hoops at once

56.               Learn how to tweet, really.

57.               Finally master Descending Angel on the pole.


58.               Create a piece of original Art for my home

59.               Make my Dalek goddess costume

60.               Design and publish my long overdue Becca the Stylist website.

61.               Start a really good independent craft market in Huntsville


62.               Meet the man of my dreams

63.               Marry the man of my dreams

64.               Stay married to the man of my dreams

65.               Adopt my first Dog from the shelter

66.               Find an exercise program that I love and will stick to

67.               Take S-Factor classes again

68.               Take regular bubble baths.

69.               Get Acupuncture